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None has the right to be worshipped except Allaah
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Friday 23rd February 2018
Divorce - It's causes and consequences
Divorce - It's causes and consequences

Discussing the main causes of divorce and how to avoid them as well as the consequences of divorce on children and relatives.

Saturday 21st February at 1.15pm (after Zohar)

By Usthad Fahad Sabri (Experienced in providing support and counseling on divorce issues)

Brothers & sisters welcome
Fajar Start5.42 am
Fajar Jamat6.00 am
Sunrise7.11 am
Zuhar Jamat1.00 pm
Asar Jamat3.15 pm
Maghrib Start5.33 pm
Isha Jamat7.30 pm
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By Abdul Qayuum Mirpuri in Urdu

Khutbah Starts 12:30pm
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